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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Test Series - Elite     Dec 27, 2018 1
Yes Sim Marketing Solutions Legends Triple Crown     Sep 4, 2018 1
Yes American Pool Supply Truck Series Unlike the current Camping World Truck Series of real life, this series will not feature stage racing or playoffs. The American Pool Supply Truck Series will instead run the same point system that the Craftsman Truck Series ran years ago with very minimal changes to bonus points and the overall points system. Drivers will, however, be limited on the number of tires they can take at each event. This will come into play even more so at the “Hometown” short tracks on the schedule, which are tracks outside of today’s normal circuit. At those events a Halfway Break will be utilized and drivers will only be allowed four tires at that portion of the event. The series will utilize the iRacing Fixed Setups when possible, and if they are not available then a CEA Official will create one. Mar 4, 2018 1
Yes CARS eSport Tour Officially sanctioned by the real-life CARS Tour. Both the Super Late Model and Late Model Stock Divisions will race at each event. Apr 10, 2017 4
No CEA Dash for Cash The CEA Dash for Cash Series features iRacing’s NASCAR K&N Pro Chevrolet’s racing on tracks the former NASCAR Winston Cup Series visited in the 80’s and 90’s Nov 22, 2017 1
No CEA Tour Modified Series     Nov 21, 2017 1
No CARS eSport Tour - Late Model Stock Late Model Stock portion of the CARS eSport Tour Dec 4, 2016 1
No CARS eSport Tour - Super Late Model Super Late Model portion of the CARS eSport Tour Dec 4, 2016 1