Indycar Super Speedway League
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Indycar Super Speedway League
Welcome to the Indycar Super Speedway League! We are currently in the process of gathering interest from new drivers as well as putting together the rules and website. We will be running races nearly, if not every, night for the next two weeks to gather interest. Season is to be announced.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Pro Mazda Ice Breaker Series   This series is the introductory series for the Indycar Speedway League. Running 1.5 mile and under tracks and one road course, it is meant to get drivers who are new to open wheel used to driving amongst one another in close proximity as well as allow the powers that be to evaluate drivers in consideration of promotion to the main series. May 27, 2017 1
Yes DW12 Series     Jan 12, 2017 2
Yes Dallara 2011     Oct 26, 2016 3
No Xfinity For Fun League   Our For Fun Xfinity Series! Jan 25, 2017 1