IndyCar Open Lite Series
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IndyCar Open Lite Series
This league provides a comfortable environment to learn about open setups for the IR18 Indy car. 'Lite' on drama, egos and lost iRatings!

It is intended for drivers that are experienced on iRacing but still learning to build IndyCar open setups. Our primary goal is to have fun with good, competitive, but most importantly clean and respectful racing - all while learning about open setups. We race on Friday nights, 8 pm ET (Qualifying starts after a warmup session).

Our target demographic when it comes to membership are drivers that participate mostly in the IndyCar Fixed Series or other fixed setup leagues that are looking for an added challenge and more control of their car. Sharing of as much information as a driver feels comfortable with will be encouraged in order to promote an environment for learning, but it will not be required of a driver to share information. The league will be competitive with an IndyCar-style points system, so keep that in mind.
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Yes IndyCar OLS     Apr 5, 2019 1