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Real Sim Racing
Fixed NASCAR style oval racing. We have over 12 years experience of running leagues for sim racing. Our signature series is the Full Throttle Cup series run on Monday Nights.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes RSR Icebreaker Series: Powered by LSRTV   6th Annual Icebreaker Series: Powered by LSRTV. Full link to the 2017-18 rulebook provided at Feb 11, 2014 5
No Outlaw Truck Series Camping World Truck Series Jul 24, 2016 1
No Outlaw Truck Winter Winter TV Series, Camping World Trucks Fixed Setup Dec 30, 2015 1
No Outlaw Trucks / Asphalt Assault B Car and Trucks alternating weeks in the schedule. Feb 26, 2015 2
No Full Throttle Cup Series Final Segment . Sep 15, 2014 2
No Full Throttle Cup Series Monday night racing with the Gen-6 Cup Cars. This is our seventh full season in these cars. Races produced by LSR TV and broadcast live on the Iracing websites. Feb 11, 2014 6