Real Sim Racing
Full Throttle Cup Series
Full Throttle Cup Series - 2017
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Season Standings

Real Sim Racing
Full Throttle Cup Series
Full Throttle Cup Series - 2017
We offer the sixth annual =RSR= Full Throttle Cup TV Series. The series will emulate the Sprint Cup series in schedule and broadcast excitement! The series will race on Monday nights with the server opening at 8:30PM ET. All of the 35 events will be broadcast by our partners at LSR TV. An entry fee of $36 will cover the first segment of twelve events. After the first segment =RSR= will reset series for the second of twelve at $36 and third segment of eleven events at $33 for drivers to continue in the broadcast series.The entry fee is fixed and attached to the current segment. The current system will not allow an entrant to carry over their entry fee to the next segment, prorate or refund a driver's entry fee. The league does have the right to prorate a segment or offer signup specials at it's discretion. The race segments are as follows: Segment One(1-12), Segment Two(13-24), Segment Three(25-35). See schedule for current position in block. We will be using the iRacing fixed setups for the Chevy, Toyota and Ford Gen-6 cup cars. The NASCAR point system and chase will be in effect with no drop weeks.All current Full Throttle drivers are eligible for entry. New entries are required to have an Oval Class A and iRating between 2000-6600. Oval Pro, W/C are not eligible for the series. Please read the =RSR= rules posted on the website. Veteran league and series drivers will have until the first event for first right of refusal of their number. All other numbers will be first come basis. Disclaimer: We will not refund for any reason. It is the league's commitment to broadcast all races. In the unlikely event the broadcasts are not produced, the league will put the entry fee into a race purse paid to the drivers at the league's discretion. Stay tuned to the league's website for information on our premiere series. If anyone is interested in being an event or series title sponsor, contact us through the website. An updated Press Release for the series will be coming out soon.
Multi-Class standings:

Driver Standings Race-by-Race Standings

Positions set by Most Total Points
Pos Chg Driver Starts Tot
Wins T-
Laps Incs Corners Team
1-Joseph Theis1164-13001101000400 
2-Trevor Roppolo140-124511101000400Aegis Motorsports
3-David Washington135-129001101000400Aegis Motorsports
4-Dylan C Jones133-131001101000400Aegis Motorsports
4-Kyle Taraska133-131101101000400Finish Line Racing
6-Jeff Ward131-133000101000400 
7-Steve Gottschalk130-134000101000400Steel Horse Racing
8-Dwayne Vincent129-135000101004400HPS Motorsports
9-David Comstock128-136000101006400Turn One Heroes
10-Stephanie Lessentine127-137000101000400 
11-Jose Gonzalez126-138000001001400Turn Two Heores
12-Sean Casto125-139000001008400Prestige Worldwide
13-Ross Cado124-140000001001400 
14-Stefan Marinak123-141000001000400Turn Two Heores
15-CJ LaVair122-142000001000400Turn Two Heores
16-Lionel Calisto121-143000001000400Lone Wolf Motorsports
17-Tim Matthews120-144000001000400 
18-Greg Evans119-145100001001400Steel Horse Racing
18-Seth Fouty119-145000001000400 
20-Mike Kelley117-147000001004400Turn One Heroes
21-Bobby Whetsel116-148000001004400 
22-Nick Silver115-149000001004400Prestige Worldwide
23-Brandon Buie114-150100001005400Lodestar Racing
23-Luis Dinis114-150000001000400 
25-Scott Simley112-152000001004400 
26-Christopher Hurlow111-153000001000400Lone Wolf Motorsports
27-Doug Roth110-15400000990396HPS Motorsports
28-AJ Browning19-15500000994396Lodestar Racing
29-Nelson Rivera18-15600000998396Turn One Heroes
30-Eric Arnold17-15700000990396 
31-Austin Coop16-15800000990396Team Octane
32-Shane Ewing15-15900000990396Lodestar Racing
33-Thomas J George14-16000000987392Steel Horse Racing
34-John Abbott13-16100000961384HPS Motorsports
35-Jason Lester12-162000009510380 
36-Sean Boundy11-16300000778308Boomtown Sim
36-Mike Franklin11-16300000928368 
36-Joe Hudson11-16300000386152 
36-Jason Jacoby11-16300000942376 
36-Kevin Linden11-16300000844336Turn Two Heores
36-Scott Stenzel11-16300000268104Finish Line Racing
36-Josue Tellez11-16300000944376 
36-Douglas Wyatt11-1630000022888HPS Motorsports

Team Standings

Team points are sum of top 3 drivers
Positions set by Most Total Points
Pos Chg Team Drivers
Starts Tot
Wins T-
Laps Incs Beh
1-Aegis Motorsports33108501333000-
2-Turn Two Heores3371000003001-37
3-Steel Horse Racing3353100012988-55
3-Turn One Heroes33530000129918-55
5-HPS Motorsports3342000012955-66
6-Prestige Worldwide22400000020012-68
7-Finish Line Racing2234100111268-74
8-Lone Wolf Motorsports2232000002000-76
9-Lodestar Racing3328100002989-80
10-Team Octane11600000990-102
11-Boomtown Sim11100000778-107