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English Auto Dash4Cash Segment #2
English Auto Dash4Cash Segment #3
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Season Standings

Sim500 Backup
English Auto Dash4Cash Segment #2
English Auto Dash4Cash Segment #3
There will be THREE segments through the season consisting of twelve races. Each segment will be a mini-season with a playoff to determine the winner. After the first eight races, the top eight drivers in points will move into a playoff. There will be a point reset as all eight drivers will start with ZERO points. A THREE race playoff will determine the top four drivers. No bonus points or drops are allowed in the segments. The final four drivers will battle it out for the English Auto Dash4Cash Bonus money. In the event of any ties, we will go to most wins, top 5’s or top 10’s if needed to break the deadlock. ​ 1st $60.00 2nd $40.00 3RD $30.00 4th $20.00 ​

Driver Standings Race-by-Race Standings

Positions set by Most Total Points
Pos Chg Driver Starts Prov Races
Wins T-
Laps Incs Beh
1-Daniel Faulkingham120142793,124001,67832--
2+1Trey Eidson1201418113,110001,67827-14-14
3+1Adam Gilliland120143583,103001,54345-21-7
4-2Nicholas Kohan120140683,101001,56130-23-2
5-Chad Coleman120131481,113001,67830-2,011-1,988
6-Chad Cole120130291,104001,67037-2,020-9
7-Tommy Rhyne120130561,099001,64732-2,025-5
8-Nick Silver120130051,086001,63446-2,038-13
9-Anthony DeBaro11011249405001,49436-2,719-681
10+1Scott Simley11011003346001,47540-2,778-59
11-1EJ ORourke11011016332001,52643-2,792-14
12-Sean Casto12012003319001,50757-2,805-13
13+1David Comstock11011156318001,17519-2,806-1
14+1Timothy Johnston11011014297001,30027-2,827-21
15+1Joey Gattina12012022296001,45754-2,828-1
16-3Justin Fuller10010224290001,36769-2,834-6
17+1Shane Ewing12012001279001,62437-2,845-11
18+1Jose Gonzalez10010011277001,42853-2,847-2
19-2Mike Kelley909035276001,17118-2,848-1
20+1Steve Ritter11011001273001,37038-2,851-3
20-Doug Roth10010001273001,36855-2,851-
22-Kris Gibeau12012001255001,23950-2,869-18
23+1Scott Stenzel10010012249001,28740-2,875-6
24+1Nelson Rivera909002240001,11920-2,884-9
25-2Dwayne Vincent10010000232001,26411-2,892-8
26-Nick Thames10010000205001,08471-2,919-27
27-1Glenn Campbell100100111900082566-2,934-15
28-Kevin D Brown8080011670094826-2,957-23
29+2Doy Woods7070001630091834-2,961-4
30-1Bobby Whetsel8080001560085333-2,968-7
31-1Bryan Boris Cook7070011540068153-2,970-2
32+2Josh Parker6060221500065713-2,974-4
33+2Robert Gillenwater9090001480074347-2,976-2
34-2Sean Boundy5050001370065331-2,987-11
35-2Jason Barum7070001320059433-2,992-5
36+3Randy Yokum8080001300060330-2,994-2
37-1Mike Montesi7070001280073623-2,996-2
38-1Nigel Standish7070001270071043-2,997-1
39-1Brian Wertman6060001210064023-3,003-6
40-Jimmie North303000600029626-3,064-61
41+2Jonathan Lockhart404000510033820-3,073-9
42-1Donny Lia20200038002095-3,086-13
43-1Steve Haring30300030001044-3,094-8
44-1John Wilcko20200029001498-3,095-1
45-Eric Arnold10100027001500-3,097-2
46-1Nick Solomon10100020001988-3,104-7
47-1Mitch Rollo2020001600546-3,108-4