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American SimRacing League
American SimRacing League is the evolution of the highly successful Diehard Racing League fixed setup series. Seth Schultz launched the first DRL iRacing series in 2013 and over the years assembled a strong core of drivers known for hard, yet clean and respectful racing. After Seth decided to step away to focus on open setup racing, two of the former DRL series admins, Patrick Desaulnier and Jeff Yenisch created the American SimRacing League to continue the strong tradition built at DRL.

ASL will run three seasons per calendar year, with league members voting to determine which of the NASCAR stock cars will be used prior to each season. All races are broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook Live by Checkered Flag Network.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes ARCA Championship Series Fixed setup series featuring ARCA stock cars. Wednesday Nights Feb 12, 2021 1
Yes Special Events   Aug 26, 2020 1
Yes Elite Series Fixed setup series featuring NASCAR stock cars. Jun 15, 2020 3