FSR - Friendly Slow Racing
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FSR - Friendly Slow Racing
A group of like-minded iRacing veterans who have joined together under a unique philosophy to share their love of motor racing and sim racing.

FSR was formed 7 years ago and has quietly been successful in promoting friendly, courteous and nontoxic sim racing.

Don’t let the name fool you. FSR has some excellent racers, and some fierce competition. But it is always conducted in a friendly atmosphere that encourages camaraderie and non-aggression.

We offer our members several different races and series to fit most tastes, and we support our teams in iRacing official endurance series.

We have several drivers who are experienced in the world of real racing and are always willing to advise and coach anyone.

Whether you are new to sim racing, or a grisly veteran looking for a kinder, gentler league, we encourage you to check out our web site, and join in if you think this is a good fit for you.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes iROC     Sep 2, 2017 5
Yes Friday Fun Series     Nov 24, 2016 1
Yes GASS Series     Feb 8, 2014 3
Yes MNM Series     Nov 8, 2010 34
Yes WOW Series     Dec 15, 2009 39
Yes JBWC Series     Dec 8, 2009 48
No Season 19     Lotus 49 2013_S3 Jul 18, 2013 0
No Lotus Racing School Race series     Jun 12, 2011 2
No JBWC PM Series     Jan 13, 2011 1
No Randy Test Series     Dec 27, 2010 1
No Twisted Tuesdays     Oct 21, 2010 1
No SIMR Series     Aug 31, 2010 3
No BCT Series     Jul 12, 2010 1
No SNLR Series     Jul 12, 2010 1
No FFR Series     Jun 21, 2010 6
No TNT Series     Jun 21, 2010 1
No Trans-American DP Challenge     Apr 13, 2010 1
No WWF Series     Feb 1, 2010 1
No LMAO Series     Jan 17, 2010 5
No JFF Series     Nov 12, 2009 2