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Racing For Jesus Motorsports
A league for fun and fellowship. All skill levels welcome all we ask is you race clean and respect your fellow competitors. No swearing, flaming or rough driving allowed.
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Redeemed by Christ SK Modified Series   Short Track SK Modified Racing. Sep 30, 2018 3
Yes Master's Elite Cup Series   Tuesday Night Gen6 Class A follows NASCAR schedule Jan 13, 2016 9
Yes Jesus Freak Home Track Series The Jesus Freak Series is a series for up-and-coming league members to cut their teeth on both ovals and road courses. Rotating between the Street Stock, Legends, and Skip Barber cars, there will always be a new challenge for series regulars to partake in as the cars are used on all sorts of track disciplines. May 30, 2015 16
Yes RFJ IndyCars Saturday Mornings. Mar 1, 2012 46
Yes RFJ Eternity Series Monday Night Class B series, flags off, unlimited resets. Practice: 9:00pm ET, Q: 9:10pm ET, Race 9:15pm ET. Typically following the Sprint Cup schedule with a race length of ~60 miles. Feb 28, 2012 45
No SpeedCross Series The SpeedCross Series is a series open to beginner and expert alike which utilizes open wheel cars on ovals. Nov 30, 2017 3
No HAIL Sprint Car Series The HAIL Sprint Car Series is a series for proven sprint car drivers for the sole purpose of tearing around dirt tracks with 410 sprint cars - winged or wingless. Sep 28, 2017 1
No Romans Road Sportscar Series Thursday Nights Romans Road Sportscar Series. Cars: Aston Martin GT1, Corvette C.6R GT1, BMW GT3, Ford GT GT3, McLaren GT3 Jan 28, 2015 9
No Starter Pack Series Thursday Nights. Races using only cars and tracks found in the iRacing Starter Pack Mar 1, 2012 2