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#Revved Up
Mon: Revved Up Xfinity Cup following iRacings schedule. Open Sets
Tues: Revved Up Freedom Cup 36 race with chase Fixed Setups
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ActiveSeries NameURLStatsDescriptionCreatedNum Seasons
Yes Freedom Cup Tuesday Night fixed setups using Gen 6 cars following Nascar's Schedule with chase. Mar 15, 2014 26
Yes Revved Up Trucks   Revved Up Trucks Mar 4, 2014 31
No Season 18     Dec 10, 2017 1
No K&N Fixed Series   Revved up K&N Series Nov 13, 2016 5
No Chase Xfinity   Revved Up Xfinity Series Sep 7, 2015 1
No #Revved Up Xfinity Series   Revved Up Xfinity Series Mar 1, 2015 1
No Special Events   Special Events Oct 5, 2014 1
No Revved Up Wednesday Nationwide Series   Revved Up Wednesday Nationwide Series Jun 16, 2014 2
No Super Speedway Trucks   SS Fixed set at Daytona and Talladega Apr 25, 2014 1
No Hooters Super Late Models Open Setups using Super Late Models on Thursdays Mar 15, 2014 4
No Sunday Cup Uses Gen 6 cars. Open sets 36 race with Chase. $200 in iRacing credits up for prizes. Mar 15, 2014 1
No Revved Up Tour Modifieds   Saturday Nights Open sets Mar 8, 2014 1
No Superspeedway Cup   SS Fixed set at Daytona and Talladega Mar 7, 2014 3