Classic Indycar Series
Classic Indycar Series
2020 Season
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Season Schedule

Classic Indycar Series
Classic Indycar Series
2020 Season
CarEvent / TrackTrack
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 Sunday January 5, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday January 12, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday January 19, 2020  
iR Daytona 24h
Off Week
 Sunday January 26, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday February 2, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday February 9, 2020  
iR Bathurst 12h
Off Week
 Sunday February 16, 2020  
iR Daytona 500
Off Week
1Sunday February 23, 2020No
Pre-Season Oval (28.08.2010, IRL)
Speedway95 Laps142.50 mi12:00 EST15:00 EST18L LavilleR Grosser
2Sunday March 1, 2020No
Pre-Season Road
Road Course45 Laps99.45 mi12:00 EST15:00 EST19C ArcherC Archer
 Sunday March 8, 2020  
Week 13
Off Week
 Sunday March 15, 2020  
iR Sebring 12h
Off Week
3Sunday March 22, 2020Yes
Yamaha Indy 400 (24.03.2002, IRL)
Speedway200 Laps400.00 mi12:00 EDT14:30 EDT37J ChinS Winton
 Sunday March 29, 2020  
Off Week
4Sunday April 5, 2020Yes
Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg (05.04.2009, IRL)
Road Course100 Laps197.00 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT38L LavilleR Grosser
5Sunday April 12, 2020No
Brands Hatch Test Race / Easter Weekend
Road Course60 Laps71.88 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT12A WoodJ Wilson
6Sunday April 19, 2020Yes
Valvoline 200 (21.04.1991, CART) / iR Suzuka 12h
Speedway200 Laps200.00 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT31J ChinA Aitken
7Sunday April 26, 2020No
Brands Hatch Test Race / iR Nürburgring 24h
Road Course80 Laps95.84 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT9J WilsonJ Wilson
8Sunday May 3, 2020Yes
London Champ Car Trophy (05.05.2003, CART)
Road Course165 Laps197.67 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT27L LavilleJ Wilson
 Sunday May 10, 2020  
iR Indy 500 fixed setup
Off Week
 Sunday May 17, 2020  
iR Indy 500
Off Week
 Sunday May 24, 2020  
iR Charlotte 600
Off Week
9Sunday May 31, 2020Yes
Champ Car Grand Prix of Belgium (01.06.2008, cancelled)
Road Course1h 45m206.84 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT24R GrosserR Grosser
 Sunday June 7, 2020  
Week 13
Off Week
10Sunday June 14, 2020Yes
ITT Automotive Grand Prix of Detroit (13.06.1993, CART)
Road Course69 Laps162.15 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT19J ChinJ Chin
 Sunday June 21, 2020  
iR Le Mans 24h
Off Week
11Sunday June 28, 2020Yes
New England 200 (28.06.1998, IRL) / iR Silverstone 12h
Speedway200 Laps200.00 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT17L LavilleJ Chin
 Sunday July 5, 2020  
Summer Break / iR Indianapolis 400
Off Week
 Sunday July 12, 2020  
Summer Break / iR Spa 24h
Off Week
 Sunday July 19, 2020  
Summer Break
Off Week
12Sunday July 26, 2020No
Virtual Race Car Engineer - Summer Classic
Road Course10 Laps129.40 mi14:00 EDT16:00 EDT13H BennettH Bennett
 Sunday August 2, 2020  
Summer Break
Off Week
13Sunday August 9, 2020Yes
Meijer Indy 300 (09.08.2008, IRL) / iR Barcelona 12h
Speedway200 Laps300.00 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT17R ShewmakeA Aitken
 Sunday August 16, 2020  
Off Week
14Saturday August 22, 2020Yes
Molson Grand Prix of Montreal (27.08.2006, CCWS)
Road Course72 Laps195.12 mi12:00 EDT15:00 EDT21A ShipstoneM Joon
 Sunday August 30, 2020  
Off Week
15Sunday September 6, 2020Yes
Bavaria Champ Car Grand Prix (02.09.2007, CCWS) / iR Dar.500
Road Course1h 45m208.34 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT19L LavilleL Laville
 Sunday September 13, 2020  
Week 14
Off Week
 Sunday September 20, 2020  
Off Week
16Sunday September 27, 2020Yes
Watkins Glen Indy GP (25.09.2005, IRL) / iR Bathurst 1000
Road Course60 Laps204.00 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT22J ChinJ Chin
 Sunday October 4, 2020  
iR Petit Le Mans
Off Week
17Sunday October 11, 2020Yes
Las Vegas 500K (11.10.1998, IRL)
Speedway208 Laps312.00 mi11:00 EDT14:00 EDT27L SimmonsJ Chin
 Sunday October 18, 2020  
iR COTA 12h
Off Week
18Sunday October 25, 2020No
Indy 500 Qualifying "Pole Day" (15.08.2020)
Speedway00:0000:0011:30 EDT14:00 EDT27H BennettH Bennett
 Sunday November 1, 2020  
Off Week
19Sunday November 8, 2020Yes
Indy 500 (23.08.2020)
Speedway202 Laps505.00 mi11:00 EST14:00 EST29R GrosserH Bennett
 Sunday November 15, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday November 22, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday November 29, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday December 6, 2020  
Off Week
 Sunday December 13, 2020  
Week 13
Off Week
 Sunday December 20, 2020  
iR Chili Bowl
Off Week
 Sunday December 27, 2020  
Off Week
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